What is a viking amoeba?

Lock your doors, blockade the windows and hide your pets because the Viking Amoeba’s have arrived! These microscopic merchants of chaos are here to poke, prod and laugh when people hurt themselves.

There are 11 thousand 1 hundred and 11 of these critters. Why 11111k? (for those non wordy folks)
Simply because these bastards love coming first. So there are never enough 1st’s or in the eyes of an Amoeba 1’s. So if you love winning as much as these guys, jump onboard. It’s gonna be hoot!

Collect a full set

Collect your own hoard to access a super-rare CHIEFTAN that rules with an iron blobby part where his fist should be. 

Hand crafted, computer generated. and stuffed with character!

You own the art.

0.025eth mint.

To Valhalla!

As we get closer to launch we will reveal the mechanics of the collection. So long you would be best served by following us on twitter and jump into discord once it has opened.

Why join this project?

There is no I in team but so far the team is just I. Not sure that makes sense so let’s try a more conventional approach. My name is cartoonmatt I have been working in the animation industry for over 10 years and have worked in feature and tv series for companies such as Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

I love the NFT space and direct access it gives an artist to their audience. Even better is the ability to directly engage with that audience and build a passionate community from which we can all benefit. My intention is to grow a core team form within the community that helps to plot and shape our next destination. I believe that just as Amoebas evolve so will this project.


So, I hope you choose to join me on this adventure filled by microscopic merchants of chaos! It should be a hell of a lot of fun.